We can proudly say that the VIKI is one of the lightest kites on the market, weighing only about 1 kg. Its ultra-compact size allows you to store it in any backpack, making it the perfect companion for ski tours, family vacations, or any adventure where small luggage is important.

The VIKI Kite was developed with great attention to detail to provide you with an unforgettable flying experience. Its robust construction and innovative design ensure excellent stability and agility in the air. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced kitesurfer, the VIKI is the perfect kite for anyone looking for a lightweight but powerful flying device.


The VIKI kite is a single-skin kite with a filled sharknose profile at the leading edge.

The sharknose profile is a high-performance profile that we have adapted from high-performance paragliders. This profile enables the VIKI to achieve maximum performance in both light and strong wind conditions. The combination of lightweight construction and sharknose also increases the wind window in which the VIKI can fly. The VIKI can start flying in very light winds and stay in the air where other kites would be grounded.

This opens up great opportunities for beginners to practice kite handling even in very light winds.

Lightweight and Durability

The design of our kite combines ultralight materials with durability to create a product that offers excellent performance in the air. To achieve this, we reduced the width of the cells and added extra line attachments to the kite. This design modification ensures that the kite is both lightweight and durable.

The shark nose design of the kite also contributes to its durability. The filled shark nose maintains the stability of the kite’s front edge, which helps to prevent fluttering in the sail, regardless of the speed or angle of attack.

The combination of reduced cell width, extra line attachments, and shark nose design results in a kite that flies smoothly and quietly through the air without any unnecessary movement or fluttering in the sail. This technical design ensures that the kite offers excellent stability, durability, and performance in all wind conditions.

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