The DOUBLE-V is a single skin tandem paraglider with a flat design of only 28 m² and an EN-B certification. This glider once again combines our philosophy of a small single skin surface with a material mix that combines stability and lightness. As we have very demanding test conditions in our home region of Montafon, both in terms of weather and wind, and as the launch sites for hike and fly are often very rugged and rough, the design of this wing is not only intended for easy meadow hike and flys, but also for high alpine and expedition use.

It is important to us that we are not just another light wing, but that we bring our own aspects to the sport.

With the DOUBLE-V you can share your hike and fly adventures with your loved ones and share the magic of one of the most beautiful sports.

Target group

The VRIL DOUBLE-V is a single-skin tandem paraglider that is classified in the LTF/EN B category.

It is suitable for easy hike and fly as well as for high mountain tours, for private and commercial use.

Thanks to the wide weight range of 90-181 kg, even very light passengers and children can be flown without exceeding the weight limits.

The DOUBLE-V offers the very high passive safety typical of singleskin wings, coupled with a higher trim speed and therefore better upwind flying characteristics. The flight behavior is comparable to larger doubleskin tandem wings.



technical data and soul of the wing

The DOUBLE V isn’t your typical single-skin tandem. Despite its compact size, it defies expectations with an impressive weight range. But that’s not all—its faster trim speed and improved windward performance make it stand out. Paired with an efficient trimmer, the DOUBLE V allows flights where other single-skin tandem gliders fall short.

And let’s talk materials: a clever mix of lightweight and stability ensures that the DOUBLE V isn’t just for rare tandem hike-and-fly adventures. It’s also designed for commercial flights, providing the necessary stability for many many flights.


certification details

You can find all the details regarding the certification of the DOUBLE V by visiting the following link:

VRIL-Wings DOUBLE-V 28 – Air Turquoise (

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